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Roger Roger and Kay
Golden, BC, Canada

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Hi, glad you could drop by Wooda Cooda.

In 2006 I was living in Vancouver BC working as the lead carpenter for a roofing company. Half of my time was spent fighting traffic. One morning I was stopped at a red light downtown where I was approached by a roaming local channel news crew and asked to comment on "What I considered the worst intersection in the city". My answer was that "I'm just a small town boy and the whole traffic situation is a mess". The light turned green and I went on my way without a second thought.

Next morning I stopped for gas and the Chinese lady working as a cashier at the station, upon seeing me, burst out with a big smile on her face ,"It's small town boy!". Guess I made the news, and for a time several people recognized me as "small town boy". The shine of my 15 minutes of fame faded leaving me to ponder: what is "small town" doing in the big city?

So as it goes, I now live in Golden, BC in the middle of paradise. Fishing, hiking and thousands of square miles of unmitigated mountain wilderness to explore.

I love working with wood and the materials nature puts before me. I love it when folks buy something and experience joy in their purchase, whether it be a custom guitar or a simple set of buttons. I love the freedom to wake up in the morning and have the freedom to create whatever I choose.

Etsy and the people who visit here are awesome. Gotta love it.

Roger Elander, 2012

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